• September 24th, 2018
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Jojo’s reopens, new, fresh and purely hot!

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek There is more to the new JoJo’s Café then just a regular art and music café . This picturesque little cafe situated at the Old Breweries Complex closed last year and reopened last week. Re-established recently by new owners Christie Keulder, Mike Ott and Aleksandra Ørbeck-Nilssen, it may safe to say that the restyling concepts brings back Windhoek’s hotspot. The café is perfect for a unique afternoon getaway on a perfect afternoon for everyone with an enticing menu embracing a concept redefining art and lifestyles. The quality of the food at the JoJo’s Cafe easily rivals those from any restaurant around and so does its prices. I was not a regular at the previous JoJo’s but I love the new vibe. Like before no heavy/ loud music that disrupts a good conversation between friends; and for a small spot the tables are spaced out so that one  doesn’t feel her/his privacy threatened. The café is somewhat comfortable with a quiet and calm atmosphere and with relaxing surroundings with live acts putting it beyond fine dining.  The dish was so well presented it seemed a shame to dive in but once I tried the first mouthful appetizer, it was irresistible and a perfect start to the meal. I knew what I wanted for the main course as soon as I saw the menu and the Springbok Sirloin with Butternut, Mushrooms and Red wine was absolutely perfect. From sourcing the finest cuts to perfecting the maturation process, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes before that juicy meat lands on your plate. My colleague had a hake fillet with ratatouille, mussels and basil and the fish was cooked to perfection, flavoursome and beautifully presented. To stave off hunger, there’s a good selection of dishes on the menu; substantial portions at friendly prices. Dishes on offer differ depending on the theme of the day. It’s menu is a mixture of new dishes with favourites that would evoke howls of protests if removed. I particularly liked their desserts, the exotic fruits and the Dark Chocolate and Beetroot in particular, offered on the night which really looked almost too good to eat, but I rose to the challenge and it was delicious. The waiting staff was polite and attentive without being overbearing. There was a great selection of wines, reasonably priced. With professional chefs in the kitchen such as local culinary superstars chefs  David Thomas and Sous Chef Jo-Andri Pretorius of the Curious Kitchen what more could one be asking for?  To crown it all Elemotho performed at the opening and was excitingly entertaining, like always, giving soft tunes from his latest projects. JoJo’s serves lunch and dinner daily. Make a stop there and experience it for yourself!
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