• September 24th, 2018
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We need more Ndafenongos

I write this opinion piece in my capacity as a youth of the Oshikoto Region. Genuine credit should be given and awarded where it is due. This should not necessarily be attached to the position that someone holds, or the status of that particular person. I write this opinion piece to appreciate and admire the spirit, charisma and humility that so far Gerhard Ndafenongo, the Inspector of Education for Onyaanya Circuit, has demonstrated and the positivity that he has bestowed on stakeholders in the circuit, as well as on the mighty Oshikoto Region. Namibia needs more people like Ndafenongo, who are able to turn things round – selfless civil servants that can think out of the box. Mr Gerhard Ndafenongo is the founder inspector of Oyaanya Circuit. He provides visionary leadership that motivates teachers within the circuit. He is strong, straightforward and firm. Ndafenongo is the type of leader that Namibia needs and my wish is that we can have more leaders like him. The prize-giving ceremonies and teachers’ conferences that he has organised meet international standards and the attendance of such functions often include visitors from abroad. Martin-Olembe Antindi Youth leader, Oshikoto Region
2016-03-11 10:17:00 2 years ago
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