• September 18th, 2018
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Stay in your lane…og!

  Entertainers who want to perform EVERYWHERE are downright annoying. Ouens? Nehman. No no no no. This story of just “can I perform” must end rerag. Mapetla calls it the “C.I.P” syndrome. I have preached a gazillion times on this platform so gracelessly made possible by the New Era, that you need to know your market. You can’t just want to perform everywhere! I also preached Friday in and out about levels in this game. Allow me to address the market issue AGAIN! #LoosensTheTie if your music appeals to a younger female white audience, what business do you have performing to an older black male audience? I’ll help you with a practical example. Would it make sense to have Female Donkey perform at a Jazz Festival? Would it make sense to have D-Jay perform at a house festival? Would it make sense to have Big Ben perform at a Hip Hop show? With the CIP syndrome, you’d find entertainers harassing promoters to perform just because…jah just because. A promoter has a vision for each show. If that vision is to fuse markets, than that’s that. The promoter will identify these markets. The promoter will move to find market leaders in these markets. Promoters will than move to contract these leaders in the envisaged markets and have them satisfy the promoter’s vision. Ousiros, if the promoter did not call you amae…don’t bother. As an entertainer you are harming your reputation and workmanship with promoters when you annoy them with these requests to perform at their shows. Let us flip the coin. What are the possibilities of you presenting a genuine case to perform at a said event to the promoter? No problem. Set up a meeting, present your case. But that is if you really genuinely believe that your art fits that show. A practical example would be if D-Naff plead his case to a gospel show promoter to be added to the lineup. But Dj Xavi cannot plea his case for the same show. If promoters never seem to call you even when a show pops up that fits your art than you seriously need to go back to the drawing board in terms of where you went wrong with your branding and marketing strategies. Interrogate your team and find the weak link that spoiled your branding and marketing and fix it. A practical example would be…if radio never plays your song, homeboy where in the world can you expect to perform at the NAMA’s? Ano? How? Not even if you sat next to #Bushili will that happen. It is through radio that your target market identifies with your art. How do you expect to open for Cassper Nyovest if the people you intend to perform for never even heard of you bruv (you cannot trust Namibians with Facebook likes). Eto? What is this? #WasteHisTime AKA Promoters time povi? Hou op. Fix your house. Get it in order. There is really no rush fellow entertainers. Get your groundwork running. Fix your image. Market properly and attack. If none of this is done, don’t expect promoters to waste their Jaiva minutes on you! Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM   Song of the week: Kanibal: A good woman Flop of the week: The Graduates: The lights Need an MC? BOOK NSK TODAY at naobebsekind@gmail.com    
2016-03-11 11:44:50 2 years ago
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