• September 25th, 2018
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FNB’s eWallet gains ground with businesses

Special Focus, Business & Finance
Special Focus, Business & Finance

Windhoek FNB Online Banking Enterprise customers have been sending money to multiple eWallets by using their Online banking since November 2015. In fact, FNB Namibia transactions for February 2016 totalled to about N$700 000, as 139 businesses are already making use of eWallet Bulk Send from their Business Online Banking profiles. According to the bank, an important part of it’s strategy is to move away from bricks, such as the actual branches and is striving to get customers to move to clicks, to mainly use Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), Internet Banking, FNB APP, Cellphone Banking, point of sale devices, and the like – all of which are self-help channels that are safe, convenient, easy to use and much more affordable. This includes eWallet and now eWallet Bulk Send. “We aim to save the nation time and money and this aim is definitely achieved when using either eWallet or eWallet Bulk Send, as well as all our other self-help channels,” said Desery Van Wyk, FNB Namibia’s manager for cellphone and online banking. She advised that FNB had received an overwhelmingly positive response from clients, such as Namibia Freight Investments, and this is what some of them had to say: “eWallet Bulk Send is very easy to use. The format of the system is very simple.” “I am in the transport business and there is always a need for cash on the road like breakdowns fuel and trip money. “Most people must be paid before or immediately. If there is an FNB ATM they can get their money immediately. eWallet is immediate and there is no hassle of a bankcard or bank account.” “We often make use of casual labour and most of them do not have a bank account.  Then I make use of the eWallet system and I do not need to carry a lot of cash around, which is risky,” some said.
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