• September 18th, 2018
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Query: How many farmers benefited from these drought interventions? Response: The drought intervention mitigation measures are in three components, namely; livestock marketing incentives (LMI), seed production and distribution, and water provision. It should be noted that beneficiaries under livestock marketing incentives can have more than one claim submitted to be paid; hence we can only provide the number of claims, which is 3 474 claims paid so far. A total of 31 080 farmers have benefited from the seed production and distribution component. Lastly, a number of 9 100 farmers and 22 500 livestock have so far benefited from water provision. Query: How many more are still waiting for their payment on the sale of livestock? Response: It is not that easy to answer this type of question, however we have approximately 1 200 payments to be processed. Officials from the ministry are still working hard to ensure that the process of payment is at speed. Query: How much money was budgeted for this exercise and how much has been spent or used so far? Response: An amount of about N$359 million was budgeted for drought interventions; we are unable to provide the information on how much has been spent so far. • Margaret Kalo, Senior Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, E-mail Address: kalom@mawrd.gov.na
2016-03-15 10:50:06 2 years ago
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