• September 24th, 2018
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Second small open market for Oshikuku

Oshikuku Oshikuku Town Council plans to construct an additional small open market for hawkers and traders at the town to accommodate the vendors currently trading from makeshift stalls. The idea is to complement the existing open market that houses 200 vendors. The open market will be constructed close to Oshikuku Roman Catholic Hospital and would accommodate the current 30 vendors trading from dilapidated structures outside the hospital. The vendors outside the hospital cater for health workers, the sick and visitors to the hospital. Vendors at these makeshift stalls have no access to water, or ablution facilities, and use the nearby bushes to answer the call of nature. “We want to ensure that our vendors are trading in a conducive environment, hence we’re providing them with shade, ablution facilities and water,” said public relations and local economic development officer Gerhard Sam. The town council has budgeted N$100 000 to fund the construction of the open market. Sam said the envisaged market would only have the capacity to cater for the 30 vendors, who are already trading at the premises. Other vendors will be catered for in future. He added that the council wants to retain the current vendors at the hospital at an area in the same vicinity so that they continue to serve those who come to look after their loved ones at the hospital. According to Sam, the architectural design is already underway and once completed a suitable contractor will be appointed for the construction work. “The funds are ready and some of the materials have already been procured. Once all is in place construction is set to start,” he said.
2016-03-16 10:07:48 2 years ago
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