• September 26th, 2018
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Fisheries urged to embrace teamwork


Lüderitz The Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Chief Samuel Ankama, has encouraged staff members in Lüderitz to fully embrace commitment towards team work. He also wants staff to inculcate a culture of helping those who need help and create a conducive working environment to foster good service delivery. He encouraged staff to share experiences gained through training and workshops. “When we are assigned to attend meetings, workshops and conferences, we must always consult and obtain a mandate to share information on issues pertaining to such gatherings, and also account on the outcome of such gatherings,” the deputy minister said. He pointed out there are talented people in the ministry, which could attain the desired results if it pools the talents of staff. “We have to foster the spirit of togetherness in purpose,” stressed Ankama. He further called on all workers to be punctual, prioritize and carry out their tasks diligently. He furthermore urged them to refrain from alcohol abuse. “Let us meet our targets as planned and comply with deadlines in terms of submissions, either within our ministry or inter-ministerial or regarding other agencies or organizations,” he emphasised. He said staff should be committed to make the ministry one of the most illustrious ministries through creativity and openness to new ways of thinking. He urged them to take cognisance of President Hage Geingob’s call for citizens to instill the values of self-respect and respect for others within households and at the workplace. They must demonstrate that they have the necessary capacity to manage their scarce resources for the optimum benefit of all. Ankama said that 2016/2017 has been declared as a year of implementation and they have been busy putting in place programmes and projects for implementation. “The beginning of 2016 offers a fresh start and endless opportunities, through which we can, no doubt, make significant contribution to the general well-being of our people. As such, I am confident that we will plan and implement our strategies diligently, work out realistic timelines, adhere religiously to such timelines and avoid falling behind on set targets in 2016,” said Ankama.
2016-03-22 09:37:22 2 years ago
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