• November 14th, 2018
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Kapofi stresses weightiness of education

Eenhana Presidential Affairs Minister Frans Kapofi says education is the only tool in the future success of poverty alleviation in the country. Kapofi was addressing the independence celebration at Onambutu in Eenhana Constituency in the Ohangwena Region yesterday. Kapofi said in order to fight poverty in the region and in the country as a whole, parents should send their children to school to be educated. “Together, in unity of purpose and strength, we will break the claws of poverty, just as we broke the chains of apartheid,” stressed the presidential affairs minister. Ohangwena Region is ranked at number three on the poverty index in the country, after Kavango East and Kavango West regions that top the list. Kapofi said the government would continue providing assistance to students who want to venture into different professions with the aim of liberating the country from poverty and underdevelopment. He said the war of the liberation struggle was over and the country has resumed with the struggle for economic emancipation to make sure every Namibian lives a decent life. Kapofi further commended the leadership, at both the regional and constituency levels, for organizing the event and thereby bringing people together in a joyous atmosphere. He urged government officials and all stakeholders in development to make a common cause and move forward together, saying a nation progresses when its people share a common vision. “For Namibia, this is the vision of unity and prosperity. A vision of inclusiveness and prosperity for all. The duty is ours to join hands as a nation and claim that vision,” he said. Eenhana Constituency has a population of about 30 000 inhabitants and most of the population has access to basic government services. The constituency councillors and town mayors in the region also attended the event.
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