• November 14th, 2018
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ECN requires N$49.5 million for voter registration

Windhoek An amount of N$49.5 million was requested by the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to carry out the registration of voters, hold elections and by-elections, update the voter register and for voter verification devices and mobile voter registration kits. Also, National Assembly Speaker, Professor Peter Katjavivi, who motivated the ECN budget, stated the case for the possible future implementation of a clause for the utilization of a verifiable paper trail for every vote cast by a voter. This means that any vote cast would be verified by a count of the paper trail, but he added that the ECN is currently discussing the technical specifications for a voter verified paper audit trail with the EVM manufacturer. Katjavivi said this would be followed by extensive consultations with political parties and all other stakeholders. Invariably, financial implications are to be expected in this regard. He noted that in keeping with its mandate, the ECN is obliged by law to conduct all possible by-elections as well as all the electoral activities highlighted during this financial year. He added that the motivation makes a case for the activities and programmes the ECN wishes to undertake during the year.
New Era Reporter
2016-03-30 15:09:54 2 years ago

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