• September 20th, 2018
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Subaru says its 2016 models are safer than before

WOEMA, Safety
WOEMA, Safety

Subaru says its 2016 models for the Outback and Legacy are now safer than ever before because the models benefit from a suite of safety features under the latest Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection system. Using a radar system fitted to the left and right rear combination lamps, there are new features available on the models. These are the Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) that, when reversing out of a parking area in which rear visibility is blocked, the feature warns drivers of traffic approaching from the side. Utilising a flashing visual indicator in your side mirror as well as an audible warning, drivers are alerted if another vehicle is approaching from the sides. This is a standard feature on the Legacy and Outback and works best in conjunction with the standard Rear-Vision Camera. The system is activated as soon as ‘Reverse’ gear is engaged. Vehicles can be detected from up to 70 metres away but the audible warning alarm will only sound when the equated Time to Collision is 3,5 seconds. The other feature is the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) with Lane Change Assist (LCA). This feature has been developed to watch over your shoulder and warn you of potential danger. Using the radar, the system monitors your blind spot and when it senses that a vehicle is approaching on the right or left hand side, a warning light will appear in your side mirrors alerting you to the vehicle(s) presence. Working in conjunction with BSD, Lane Change Assist displays a flashing indicator in each side mirror if it senses another vehicle approaching in a neighbouring lane when the driver signals for a lane change. Once again, the vehicle detection maximum range is 70 metres and the audible alarm will sound when the equated Time to Collision is 4.0 seconds. In a bid to further improve night vision and safety, High Beam Assist (HBA) has also been added to the new Legacy and Outback models. High Beam Assist makes use of an HBA camera located in front of the interior mirror. This camera detects various light sources including headlights from oncoming vehicles, tail lamps of proceeding vehicles, street lights and other reflective objects, accordingly and automatically adjusting the lighting for each. Simply put, the driver doesn’t need to manually switch between High beam and Low beam any longer. Paired with this technology is the anti-dazzle interior mirror which detects ambient light in the cabin and adjusts the mirror brightness to ensure safer and focused night time driving. Also applicable to the 2,5 and 3,6 litre Outback and Legacy Vehicles is the new Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) function. Under sudden and hard braking, the hazard lamps rapidly flash to warn the vehicle behind in a bid to prevent rear collisions. The Legacy and Outback models have also been fitted with more user-friendly Smartphone integration with the introduction of Siri Eyes-Free. The system works in conjunction with the standard voice recognition system. Operation of the system is simple. Link a compatible Siri-enabled device to the Subaru Outback or Legacy, and easily engage with Siri as you would in any other circumstance: to search the web; to make a call; to play music or to read and send your messages. For those drivers without Apple devices, the cars’ still allow hands-free interaction using the normal voice recognition feature to control the telephone, audio and climate control systems. The Subaru Outback is priced from N$519 000 while the Legacy model is priced from N$569 000. All cars are offered with Subaru’s comprehensive 3 Year / 75 000km Maintenance Plan and our 3 Year / 100 000km Warranty. Outback
2016-03-31 10:30:25 2 years ago
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