• September 24th, 2018
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Music lovers’ hopes on the NAMAs

Windhoek The countdown for one of the biggest nights in music has begun and with the recent announcement of the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) nominees many music lovers and fans have been left in anticipation. While some hope for fairness and for the recognition of upcoming artists, open audition for dancers and performers, others can’t wait to see their favourite artists being showered with praises and awards. Anticipating the award ceremony, Carlos Shituleni says: Our music industry is slowly but surely growing, despite our people criticising the awards for not nominating some musicians. We even have a pan African award now, which is a great deal, big ups to NAMAs and the whole team.” John Lala hopes to see new artists being recognised saying that will create a different perception of the NAMAs. “I wish for others to win and not the same people. This award is for all not just some people. It will really make a big change,” says Lala. Juliano Jameson Jose  adds that: “I would love to see video production award added to the awards which will motivate directors to up their game and give us proper videos.” Pop artist, Peaches van Wyk, says she expects the committee to host auditions for dancers and singers who will stage at the ceremony for fairness and not only focus on established entertainers. “Every year the performers are the same people but others don’t get chances no matter how good they are, hope they will look at that. There is so much improvement in the NAMAs this year and we love change,” adds van Wyk. The NAMAs ceremony will take place on April 29- 30th  and will be broadcast live on NBC 1. As a norm the awards ceremony will be split over two nights, with the Industry Awards taking place on Friday, April 29 at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) and the main event on Saturday night, April 30 at Ramatex, in the Otjomuise residential area of Windhoek. Another first, the NAMAS, have for the first time partnered with continental music television giants Trace TV and Sound City Nigeria for exclusive broadcast of the NAMAs on that country television terrestrial footprints. This two African trailblazers will further expose the NAMAs live feed to an estimated 280 million viewers across the continent. Winners in each respective category will receive $30 000 cash to mark their musical merit with the exception of Song of the Year and Best Album of the Year, which has been increased to N$50 000, up from N$30 000 in the last edition. The large bounty is still reserved for both the Best Male Artist of the Year and Best Female Artist of the Year each of whom stands to gain N$100 000. For the first time both these winners will also receive a brand new car. Unlike previous with editions this time around the winners will keep the vehicles permanently.For a full list of the nominees go to www.nama.com.na or facebook.com/namibianawards.
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