• November 21st, 2018
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Drought food benefits over 4 000 in Khomas


Windhoek Over 4 000 people in Windhoek Rural Constituency have benefitted from drought relief aid since the distribution of emergency food aid started in May last year. The total number of households who benefitted from this is 2 382, while 4 264 people benefitted directly during this period. Spokesperson of Khomas Regional Council Lydia Shifa said all vulnerable and unemployed people in Windhoek Rural Constituency, including those on resettlement farms, qualify for drought relief. “However, those working on commercial farms do not qualify,” she said. She also said the food allocated to Khomas Region by the Office of the Prime Minister is rather limited, compared to other regions. “As a result we distribute relief food with the guidance of community leaders and the Khomanim Traditional Authority, whom we work closely with,” said Shifa. Furthermore, she explained there are people within households who do not qualify for drought relief food, as some have jobs and other sources of income. In addition, she said the food is distributed to households according to the people’s needs. “For example, one finds that not all the 15 people (in a household) qualify for drought relief, as some among them might have sources of income, compared to a household of two to three people, who are all unemployed and have no other source of income.” In addition, she said drought relief aid has not yet been distributed to urban areas within Khomas Region. This is because people in urban areas do not cultivate or farm and, therefore, they do not depend directly on crop production for survival. “In most instances, drought has an impact on the livelihood of people who depend on crop production directly. People in urban areas depend on the market, such as shops, and as such their livelihoods are not directly affected by the drought,” said Shifa.  
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2016-04-08 10:34:04 2 years ago

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