• September 26th, 2018
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Industry Loop: Namibian R&B

As much as we are a dancing nation, trust me...there is a market in this country that appreciates R&B. But R&B is the rest of the world’s term for that type of music. In Namibia though...we call it, SLOW JAMS! YES!!! I always plead with you to understand that in this country, we have our own way of doing things. Everybody goes left, Namibians go right! That’s just how it is. So let’s talk slow jams in Namibia. Very few entertainers make an effort to cater for this market. From an ordinary eye, one would say that market is not really a big market. I urge you to look closer. Closer...a tiny bit closer and BOOM! See it? Please tell me you see it? No? Ok. It’s ok. That is why you have #IndustryLoop to help you see it. Lets talk about that market. As much as we (and i said WE neh, not women, not men...WE!) PRETEND to be dogs with our relationships with this nonsense of abusing each other through this abused term GBV, we are actually pretty romantic people. Why do you think Namibians love Telenovela’s? No really think about it, why do you think when a radio programme opens the lines with the topic of “love”, that presenter is set to get 100 calls? Why do you think Uncle G.E.P is famous? We STILL believe in LOVE! What does this have to do with you? Dude, will you at least try to keep up? If you could come up with a business module to cash in on this phenomenon in Namibia, you could be cashing in errrrday, all day ousi khoes! Imagine the killing you could make just by offering serenading services. Serenading at weddings, proposals, valentine’s dates...the list is endless! Togoba connect the dots! Mbuae neh i need to get paid for this consultancy work i put out here. Harambee se voet! Energy100Fm strictly plays slow jams EVERY Sunday. Sundays on Energy100fm are so popular even these kwaitos call in and be like: “Awe Sister Mavis, maak nxa met dei borra van Tamia man, awe...neh sharp kao”. Your sleeping on me again nuh? If your slow jams are good, your songs could be heard on Sundays, every Sunday on every show throughout the day. ROYALTIES! Don’t get caught up in this house thing. The same people that dance to house every Saturday, are the same people that will cry to your slow jams on Sunday. Freeda, Brasze Fani Mic, Danky Faith, Desmond, Micheal G, Lize Ehlers, Stardust, 3DB, Bertholdt, Paul Da Prince, Chikune, Valentino, Ann Singer, Patrick (PDK) and Promise (not limited to) are but some entertainers that have material out that can be constituted as Slow Jams. Check out their albums and tweet using the hastag #SlowJamsNamibia.    Until the next Loop, we say #_____!   Song of the week: Romano Nauseb: Take me home Flop of the week: Grootman ft. Papa Soul: Mama   Allow me to direct your ceremonies. BOOKINGS: naobebsekind@gmail.com  
2016-04-08 13:15:08 2 years ago
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