• September 23rd, 2018
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N$80 million for marginalised communities

Special Focus
Special Focus

Windhoek Due to recent across-the-board budgetary cuts the Presidency will make do with a mere N$80.3 million to roll-out programmes to mainstream and integrate the San, Ovatue and Ovatjimba communities. The N$80.3 million will also provide for the integration of people with disabilities into the mainstream economy and other aspects of society. Presidential Affairs Minister Frans Kapofi revealed this during the budget motivation for the Office of the President for the financial year 2016/17, which heads the departments of marginalised communities and people with disabilities. In the case of the marginalized San, Ovatue and Ovatjimba communities the department supports students and learners from these communities to access schooling. Kapofi said this intervention is crucial in terms of developing and integrating these communities into the broader society, creating a better future, empowering them and enabling them to realise their full potential. He explained that the beneficiaries of educational support from government have been identified and they are assisted with enrolment at tertiary institutions. Parliamentarians were informed that Build Together projects for the construction of permanent buildings for schools and teachers’ accommodation at various settlement centres for beneficiary communities are also coordinated under this programme. On resettlement and relocation these communities have been resettled on communal land or commercial farms purchased by government. Post-resettlement services provided to the communities include support for agronomic and horticultural projects, supply of materials, equipment, seed, and in a number of cases livestock. It is Kapofi’s account that a number of landless San families from Oshivelo have been relocated to Farm Ondera in the Oshikoto Region in order to secure better access to land and improved livelihoods. The San community at Gam has been provided with blankets, mattresses and food items. Water has also been provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, and a community garden will be developed soon. He said a coordinator has been appointed for the project and 20 houses will be built at Corridor 17, as well as at two sites that have been earmarked for the relocation of landless San people in the areas of Otjinene, Epukiro and Eiseb block. Other forms of support provided to the beneficiary communities include the provision of coffins. For those living with disabilities, the department also initiates programmes that enable young children and youth with disabilities to gain access to education, healthcare and employment opportunities. He noted that officials and political leaders charged with the implementation of these activities have conducted familiarisation visits around the country to assess the challenges faced by persons living with disabilities. The review of the National Disability Council Act and its regulations will be initiated to make its implementation more effective. Kapifi also announced that a registration drive would be conducted countrywide to ensure that more persons with disabilities are registered so that they can access support services provided by the government. He pledged that disability resource centres in various parts of the country would also be improved, before announcing an employment database for persons with disabilities will also be put in place.    
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