• September 20th, 2018
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Bedridden grandmother receives wheelchair


Ongwediva Seven months ago Ndaatelela David fell and fractured her hip. Within a week she again fractured her right hip and leg, leaving her bedridden. Her identity documents indicate she is 98, but her relatives insist she is over a hundred years old. That was the traumatic transition of how David lost the ability to walk in August last year before she received a wheelchair from the Omuthiya Constituency Councillor and chairperson of the regional council Samuel Shivute on Tuesday. Without a wheelchair David depended solely on a devoted grandchild, Ndeitunga Haindongo, who carried her grandmother around the house for mobility. Haindongo said her grandmother fractured her hip when she slipped and fell to the ground. Although doctors at Omuthiya District Hospital did not detect the fracture at the time, David was admitted to Oshakati Intermediate Hospital for a fractured hip two days later. “However, around the same time, the son fell ill and passed on and that is when she fell off the bed, fracturing her right hip and leg,” Haindongo narrated. Haindongo said since then her grandmother depended entirely on her for mobility. “She has been bedridden ever since. I wake her, bath her, feed and carry her around the house,” said Haindongo. She also cares for her grandmother’s sister, who is visually impaired. David, a resident of Okakoko village, in a soft voice expressed gratitude for the donation. “I’m very happy, at least now I can move with ease,” said David. Shivute said he identified the pensioner during a familiarisation visit to the area. He appealed to individuals, as well as the business community, to assist needy members in the community. He further appealed to members of the community who live with people with disabilities to care for the weak and vulnerable.          
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