• September 25th, 2018
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Uber could solve transport woes


Windhoek The popular mobile app Uber has been sweeping the world with its convenient use in providing public transport services that you order via your cellphone. The mobile application registers vehicle owners, usually with luxury vehicles, willing to offer transport services to the public at a fee lower than the normal taxi rate. In Windhoek, for instance, the Uber service would compete with the radio taxi market and passengers would only need to call the taxi on their cellphone and pay the fare with their credit or debit card, and the taxi then takes you to your destination of your choose. With Namibia’s ongoing problems with taxi drivers, Uber could boost the country’s economy while at the same time resolve its transport woes. In South Africa, Uber has been successfully implemented and has contributed towards lessening transport congestion, especially during morning hours or rush hour when people have to travel to work or pick up children from school. The app is effective in that its presence means less accidents on the roads or no speeding, as those caught violating traffic laws will be identified through the system. Uber drivers have to do tests and workshops before they receive certification and customers can rate their driving skills or report any violation immediately. These are then used in the evaluation of the driver by Uber. Uber app will come particularly handy to those who work late and do not have any means of private transport.      
2016-04-14 10:49:10 2 years ago
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