• September 20th, 2018
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Star of the Week: First Lady Monica Geingos

Special Focus
Special Focus

Our Star of the Week is the First Lady Monica Geingos, who on Tuesday spoke out eloquently and passionately about widespread social inequality in Namibia, and the obligation on all Namibians to help change the lives of the less fortunate. Geingos also lamented the fact that greed has fuelled corruption. The First Lady, who received a round of applause when she addressed the TD Jakes leadership indaba in Windhoek,  spoke out passionately about how the evils of corruption, tribalism and gender inequality have negatively affected other Namibians. She said corruption, tribalism and inequality make the rich richer and the poor poorer. In a sign of her humility and modesty, she also shared with the hundreds gathered about the challenges the First Family faces from relatives requesting favours in the form of loans and how she has to beg one of her children to study.    
2016-04-15 10:31:36 2 years ago
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