• September 20th, 2018
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Artists launch ‘Feel Free at School’ campaign to benefit learners

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Windhoek Local artists, such as Orizza, Exit and Neslow, have launched their campaign titled  ‘Feel Free at School’, an educational charity project to help vulnerable learners countrywide. The project aims to help learners without basic necessities, like school uniforms, school bags and washing powder or soap. The project was introduced earlier this month by Kwaito artist Orizza, who said: “As musicians we unite to help our government to maintain Namibian school kids’ needs at school.” Under the theme ‘The Power of Education’ the campaign is intended to benefit learners countrywide. “It will also help to break down the differences between learners from [rich] families and those who are from poor families. In order for some learners to feel free at schools and avoid being bullied due to their appearance, they need neat uniforms and new school bags,” Orizza said. In support of the campaign, they are appealing to their fans to put coins in charity boxes with their pictures and names, which are being placed at shopping complexes and service stations nationwide. “The money we are going to collect from those charity boxes we are going to use to buy the above-mentioned necessities for learners,” Orizza pledged. Learners who are to be benefit from this charity will be promoted on local television and radio and their names will be published in local newspapers. “As artists and Namibian celebrities we united and came up with this initiative to help these learners buy school uniforms and toiletries so that they are free at school, rather than being discriminated against by others due to what they wear to school,” says Orizza, adding that everyone must lend a hand to help the young generation.
2016-04-20 12:00:54 2 years ago
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