• September 25th, 2018
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Busch advises youth to invest in personal development

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Windhoek  One of the prominent Namibian youth leaders and Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) regional representative of Africa and Europe, Sharonice Busch, is advising young people to invest in their personal development. She says the youth need to invest in their personal development as individuals and channel their strengths as a collective to advance a common youth agenda. “The CYC prides in our rich diversity and us advancing the theme of inclusivity this year, and that’s what I would like to [convey] to my fellow young people. Let’s hold hands, unite and contribute meaningfully to nation building,” she said. Busch was elected to the new leadership team during the CYC General Assembly at the Commonwealth Youth Forum in Malta at the end of last year. The council represents national youth bodies from 53 countries. Busch was also elected as the Speaker of the Children’s Parliament, where she dealt with legislative reform and high-level policy issues, spearheading the consultative stakeholders’ engagement on the Child Care Protection Bill, which was enacted last year. During her time in the CYC as the representative for both Africa and Europe, Busch will be supported by an executive committee of elected youth leaders from around the world, including Asia, the Caribbean, the Americas and Pacific regions. The CYC is a coalition of national youth councils and other youth-led bodies and the recognised voice of the more than 1.2 billion young peoplem aged 29 and under, in Commonwealth member countries. The nine-person executive is responsible for advocacy on behalf of young people on issues, such as employment, equality and climate change, and encouraging youth-led action on development challenges throughout the Commonwealth. Their two-year mandate runs until 2017.      
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