• September 23rd, 2018
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Jobless graduates invited to register for possible employment

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Windhoek The Conscious Communiversity Organisation is urging all Namibian unemployed graduates from all tertiary institutions, local and international, to register for the ‪#‎25000graduates campaign. The campaign seeks to attract and organise 25 000 graduates to employ them through projects linked to the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) and aims to train 25 000 vocational trainees every year for four years. Enko Ndemuwenda, co-founder of the Conscious Communiversity, says they have identified a need to alert, list and organise 25 000 unemployed graduates across the country. The strategy is to complement the HPP's objectives of social progress and entrepreneurship with their objectives of youth empowerment and community development. “People who have graduated and have been unemployed for years deserve a driving force to kick-off the HHP's goal to produce 25 000 [trainees] a year for a period of four years,” notes Ndemuwenda. He adds that Namibia already has more than 25 000 unemployed graduates and the Conscious Communiversity believes that before the government's HPP trains 25 000 youths, it should first mobilise graduates in the streets. “The Conscious Communiversity will revolutionise youth entrepreneurship, sharpen innovation and community development,” Ndemuwenda boasts. Conscious Communiversity is a community-based institution established to inform the wider society about aspects of history, politics, education, economics, culture and religion. Graduates can register through their Facebook page (facebook.com/25000graduates).    
2016-04-20 12:15:50 2 years ago
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