• April 9th, 2020

UFO mystifies Onangwe learners


Onangwe Learners at Onangwe Combined School made a shocking discovery on Monday morning when a mysterious big, white aircraft-like object was reportedly seen in the sky, almost disrupting the school’s morning devotion. According to Principal Pius Ashipala, the learners spotted the flying object at 07h40 on Monday morning, while attending morning prayers. “At first we thought the learners were looking at a snake on a tree while conducting the morning devotions. However, we later realised that the learners where looking at a strange thing in the sky,” said Ashipala. According to Ashipala, what could be observed at first was a big white object, which at first looked like an aircraft, but the said object became smaller over time as it retreated deeper into the sky. The object was moving from the northeast to the south. When New Era visited the school on Monday afternoon the mysterious object was observed to be moving in a southerly direction. Teachers and learners expressed shock at the discovery. A teacher at the school said when he made contact with people at the Namibian-Angolan border they also confirmed to him that they too saw the mysterious object. Some learners New Era spoke to say the event has really shocked them. “We’ve never seen something like that before and we’re just scared that it will fall on us. What is funny is that at times the object would disappear into the sky, because it is cloudy,” expressed one of the learners. The school principal also related that although the situation had not disrupted classes entirely, some learners constantly ran out of the classes upon hearing ant disturbing sounds from outside. “At one point, an aeroplane flew past the school and the scared learners just jumped out of the classrooms,” Ashipala said.     [caption id="attachment_87075" align="alignnone" width="195"]Mysterious… The unidentified white object in the sky. Mysterious… The unidentified white object in the sky.[/caption]
New Era Reporter
2016-04-20 10:27:11 | 3 years ago

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