• September 26th, 2018
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Sports can bridge gaps in ICT sector, says Simaata ... ICT Minster's Golf Day launched

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

  Windhoek Drawing inspiration from success achieved in other sectors through sports, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Stanley Simaata says if sport is fully utilized it has the potential to bridge gaps within the ICT sector and build lasting relations among various corporates. Speaking during the official launch of the first-ever ICT Minister's Golf Day in the capital yesterday, Simaata said that in their efforts to maximise their presence in all avenues in pursuit of setting the developmental agenda, the ministry chose to host the ICT Minister's Golf Day, as sport is one powerful tool that can be used in engaging stakeholders and various ICT partners. The ICT Minister's Golf Day is slated for the Windhoek Country Club Golf Course this Friday and a total of 40 companies are expected to participate in the event's inaugural edition. "Many would ask if the Golf Day will provide sufficient engagement opportunities for us as a sector to meet and talk about the various challenges, opportunities and resources budgeted for the ICT sector. My candid answer is yes! As a country and as a sector, we must embrace innovative platforms of engaging stakeholders and I strongly believe Friday's ICT Minister's Golf Day is one such platform," said Simaata, who also indicated that the Golf Day will become an annual event. In respect of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) that seeks to advance the socio-economic well-being of all Namibians, Simaata said: "As participants will be walking from the different holes, they will be engaged in rich and productive conversations that will undoubtedly lead to the consolidation of understanding the central role ICT plays and continues to play in advancing the overall welfare of our citizens." Some of the sponsors that joined hands with the ICT ministry to make the Golf Day a reality are Air Namibia, New Era Newspaper, MTC, CRAN, Huawei Technologies, MultiChoice Namibia, ZTE Technologies, MiCell.com.na and Namibia Breweries through its Windhoek Lager brand.    
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