• September 26th, 2018
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Maila Kouture takes fashion to the streets

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek  Having been in the fashion circle for quite sometimes, the Maila Kouture Fashion House, of designer Maila Kalipi, has taken its fashion trends to the street. Following their successful first edition of the Pop Up Shop earlier this month, they are again hosting the second edition of the Pop Up shop at the City Centre Building in Windhoek, across the Ocean Basket next Friday from twelve O’clock in the afternoon (12h00) until five O’clock in the evening  (17h00).  “Maila Kouture Pop Up Shop is a Mobile Boutique based in Namibia, that can be set up anywhere, at anytime. The shop aims to create a chic and sophisticated shopping experience, aided by our shop assistants who give quality services tailored for each client,” says Maila. During the event, 15 aspiring models will be showcasing the Maila Kouture garments and other accessories for both men and women such as dresses, jumpsuits, pants, skirts, bags, ties and décors. Music and Fashion going hand in hand, as demonstrated by events such as the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs), Maila Kouture is collaborating with Musical Entertainment and Dj Flow will be entertaining fashion lovers live. Make ups will also be on offer with guests given the opportunity to chat and interact with the models. The Maila Kouture brand expresses Maila’s personal style through her designs, decorative ornaments and a quality in beauty service. Maila is inspired by her mother, Hilkka Kalipi, who is her biggest influence teaching her to aim high to achieve, have the right appearance and attitude of a typical independent young woman who represents grace, self respect and love. Maila spends most of her days creating garments, training interns in creativity and producing events targeted at a wide range of youth from socialites to the independent working class women. During her spare time she indulges in modeling, creating music and getting her hands on different projects The Maila Kouture style is made to stand out with its simple and clean structure and intricate details. The brand is known for its details and style, and the ability to find and tailor a style and service for each client who is chic, classy and sophisticated. Pop-Up-Shop-2
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