• September 24th, 2018
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Expectations: LIVE Performances-NAMA’s

It is my hope that our entertainers will BRING IT on the night of the NAMAs. Imagine a disastrous and embarrassing situation in the event that AKA and Roberto out performs our entertainers? That story of just lip synching, drunk and high on stage, zero uniformity in terms of your attire and no creatives on stage will not hold water. The majority of Namibian entertainers have created a notorious habit of showing up late for gigs, performing sloppy and crying for their fee after the event. Entertainers that have been granted the opportunity to perform at the NAMAs need to understand that this show is the biggest entertainment platform in the country. This is that platform where you break your bank on performance outfits, props, creatives, storyline and routine. Do not be lazy at making sure your set is memorable. You don’t want to be that guy that gifts the audience a chance to go to the loo. From the onset your set needs to captivate audience, both live and at home from the second the ghost voice or presenter introduces you. The Namibian social arena in recent times has developed a knack for memes. Don’t be that guy whose performance is so off, where the whole society would make memes from your poor effort to entertain. If you are looking to make it “business as usual” with your performance, kindly recuse yourself. There are others who would appreciate the opportunity to perform at the NAMAs with visible effort. Adding pressure is the fact that we have two international acts that will perform. I have seen both AKA and Roberto live. From what I have seen, very few Namibian Entertainers can match their creativity and energy on stage. Their work rate and ability to hold a crowd with a live band is second to none! Oh and be rest assured that they will bring it. AKA in particular has a point to prove. His last appearance in Namibia was marred by controversy as social media had him by the balls for failing to fill the venue where he was scheduled to perform. His music rival, Cassper Nyovest came, saw and conquered TWICE! So AKA will definitely intensify his attempt at dimming Nyovest’s popularity in Namibia. If NBC, MTC and any other technical support at the venue lacks in bringing your vision to life, do not stop at that. Hire your own experts to bring your vision to life for your set. If there’s one thing Stanley Mareka taught, it is that when you are performing, that space and time is YOURS! OWN IT! Nobody must dictate to you what you can and can’t do during YOUR SLOT! You’re the performer. It’s YOUR vision that you want to bring to life on the night. So let the terms be in YOUR hands! I wish all the performers all the best, oh and be rest assured... #NamTwitter will pounce on any mistake or bore you let out.  
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!   Song of the week: Mabeke: !obosa drums…(LOL) Flop of the week:  Axel Zeppy Amutse RJ45: BullSh*t (LOLOLOL)   Do you need sound and a DJ for your event? BOOK NSK, at naobebsekind@gmail.com   @naobebsekind(twitter)  NSK #GMTM (facebook)      
2016-04-29 12:45:59 2 years ago
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