• September 25th, 2018
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Local music lovers shed a tear or two for pop legend, Prince

  Windhoek Namibian music lovers have also been devastated by the news of the unexpected death of American music legend, Prince, outpouring tributes filled with sadness and shock in remembrance of the mysterious musical icon. The singer whose real name is Prince Rogers Nelson was reported dead at Paisley Park in Minnesota (United States), days after being rushed to hospital after falling ill on tour.  His body was found unresponsive at the estate where he lived and worked in a recording studio. TMZ, the American celebrity gossip site, claimed that the star had been treated for a drug overdose days before his death. Following the news of his death, Namibian music buffs passed appreciation for his music and took to social media to celebrate the “Purple Rain” singer. “I don't think he ever knew how much he was loved by millions of people. I'm thinking about the songs Diamonds and pearls, Little red corvette, Purple rain and that’s real history. Forget being music icon, he's one of the greatest like a music god.” says one of his followers, George Goseb. Music fanatic, Zoey Jewels, says she was first introduced to Prince’s music by her mother and fell in love with his tunes instantly without any hesitation. “She had all his music, she loved his flair, his voice, the way he strummed the guitar. She would play his music loud and I loved it.” Having lived in his era Jewels adds that she has experienced his music mastermind and news of his death is heartbreaking. “Prince introduced me to fantastic vocals, creativity, and the freedom to be who you are and just rock it without a care in the world. What could one not love about Prince; he bent the rules and kept everyone guessing. He was possibly one of the few artists who were non binary and I wanted to be as free as him. His death is twofold for me, I am so grateful that I lived in the same era as him, that I experienced his music and genius, something I can pass on to my children as well. It's sad and heartbreaking that he left so suddenly but in the words of Prince himself, ‘But life is just a party, and parties weren't meant to last,” tributes Jewels. Classifying Prince as his inspiration, Singer-Songwriter Sean Kamati paid tribute to the singer by performing some of his greatest hits at the Warehouse Theatre as he wept to his tunes. "I did not really know about Prince until later in my life. But when I did encounter the wonder that was Prince, I fell In love. His sound to me from the bottom to where I feel I am now. When I started singing he was the biggest influence in my life,”says Kamati adding that the first song he ever performed on stage was  Diamonds and Pearls by Prince. “This man's voice and his musical genius was, in my mind, incomparable. He is a true artist. One I strive to be like in my life. And it was a real heart break to find out that I will never get to see this true musical god in my lifetime." Prince was a singular force in  the 1980s. He drew from the decade's biggest trends synth-pop, modern R&B, new wave but melded them together with such ease as to make the end product feel timeless. He was known for his eclectic style, undeniable talent, and his devotion to his home state of Minnesota. He had the pop intuitions of Michael Jackson, the guitar heroics of Van Halen, and the mythology and pageantry of David Bowie. The singer was one of the best-selling artists of all time with countless hits including Purple Rain, When Doves Cry and Kiss.
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