• June 26th, 2019
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Pro-secessionist group consults sangoma

Front Page News
Front Page News

Windhoek The police are concerned about the state of security in the country following leakage of a video that has since gone viral, showing a group of youths in Zambezi Region ‘consulting’ a witch doctor to ‘soften’ the hearts of Namibians, including that of former president Hifikepunye Pohamba, to be sympathetic to their secession ambitions. In the video in which the group refers to the Zambezi as “Caprivi”, its former name, they apparently also want to use the powers of black magic to get global sympathy so that international organisations sympathise with their seditious and rebellious activities. In the video clip seen by New Era, four young men consult an alleged witch doctor over matters concerning the so-called “Caprivi issue”. The suspects in the video, whose names are known to New Era and who are alleged to be part of the pro-secessionist group, ‘Caprivi Concerned Group’, can be seen seated next to an unnamed witch doctor going through some kind of black magic rituals. Two of the men covered in blankets, possibly squatting under a three-legged pot steaming with herbs as part of the mysterious rituals, can also be seen in the video clip that has caused despondency among Zambezi residents who are still recovering from the short-lived rebellion of August 2, 1999. That rebellion was allegedly masterminded by failed Namibian politician Mishake Muyongo who is now exiled in Denmark, but is still wanted by Namibian authorities. The youths inhale steam from some herbs and can be heard hurling malicious insults at former president Hifikepunye Pohamba, Zambezi governor Lawrence Sampofu and his team, among other regional political leaders. They also insult the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Sebastian Ndeitunga and Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana. Ndeitunga yesterday confirmed he has been alerted to the subversive video. It is not clear when the video was taken but it appears it was during the time of Pohamba as president, sometime in April 2012. At the beginning the two youths in the blanket are recorded saying “the UN and human rights organisations must come and finish up the issue of Caprivi so that we become independent.” At the pot with herbs the sangoma recites that the smoke should turn the hearts of those that are told about ‘the independence of Caprivi’ so that they accept it. The sangoma insists Caprivi is a country and not a region. He insults all those disputing this and says they should go back where they belong. The group argues in the video that Kabbe primary school should not have been named after former president Sam Nujoma because he, they say, is not a Caprivian but a Namibian. They suggested it should have been named after Muyongo, their ideological father. Ndeitunga said someone in possession of the video clip has briefed him. “I agreed with him that he should send it to me so that we see the way forward after consultations. But he did not send it to me yet. We also need someone to interpret it because of the language barrier,” Ndeitunga noted. Ndeitunga said the so-called Caprivi Concerned Group’s agenda is nothing else than that of those who have been arrested for high treason. “We have been working hard to make sure that if they continue with the idea of Caprivi secession, to dismember the Republic of Namibia, they will face the same fate like those ones who were in court or are now behind bars. Therefore they have to be careful. If they are insulting the leadership, we will get the video clip and study it and we will identify whoever has released that type of clip and take any legal steps within the confines of Namibian law,” warned the police chief. Further, he warned that the police cannot tolerate individuals insulting the political leadership of the country because they want to pursue “ill ideas of dismembering the Republic of Namibia”. “The law will take its course shall anybody be found in contention of our laws. If they are going to sangomas, it’s a waste of time. They can go to sangomas a million times, we don’t care with sangomas. If the time comes, together with their sangomas, we might find them behind bars. We don’t believe in sangomas, it’s a waste of time, our bullets will never distinguish between a secessionist and a sangoma. They will face the same fate,” warned the former Plan combatant. He said that in a democratic state any association wishing to assemble peacefully without arms and without any potential violence, and the subject to be discussed is within the parameters of the Namibian Constitution, will be allowed to do so. Ndeitunga warned that if the subject endangers  state security and has the potential to destabilize the territorial integrity, peace and tranquility of Namibia – “we will definitely not allow it.” “Anyone who tries to hide behind the principles of free expression and association granted by the Constitution, if we discover that, we will not allow it. He said people in a democracy should know the right channels to approach when they have grievances, saying no one should take the law into his own hands. We want this type of practice to be condemned by all peace-loving Namibians. We should not allow anyone to distabilise peace and security in Namibia,” he urged. Sampofu stressed that he is yet to see the clip but someone told him he is also being insulted. “I just heard about this thing yesterday. I was in Rundu when someone informed me about the clip that I am being insulted. He promised to send it so that I can study it. For now I can’t comment on something I haven’t seen or heard myself,” Sampofu noted. sangoma3
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