• February 20th, 2019
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Police refute AR allegations

Tsumeb The Namibian police have refuted allegations levelled against them by Affirmative Repositioning (AR) activists, who claimed the police attempted to sabotage the AR activist forum in Tsumeb on Saturday. The allegation was also rebutted by the Oshikoto Swapo regional coordinator Armas Amukwiyu, who was accused of working with Oshikoto Police Regional Commander Commissioner Annamarrie Nainda in attempting to disrupt the AR meeting. The meeting was scheduled to be held at the Old Theatre in Tsumeb, but the venue had to be changed at short notice after the owner of the place apparently sent an email to the AR group, saying the venue was no longer accessible to the movement. “We received an email from the husband of the lady operating The Old Theatre, citing clumsy reasons and cancelling our booking that was already paid for. The wife, with whom we dealt, confirmed receiving instructions from the police,” said AR leader Job Amupanda in a statement released on Saturday. Furthermore, they claim that “as astute activists we had made bookings and arrangements for the forum, a private affair, in advance. We have already paid for the venue and logistics, including food and refreshments. The venue, the Old Theatre, was thus booked and confirmed. As soon as we made the venue public, we have it on good authority that Armas Amukwiyu and other politicians in Oshikoto started running up and down to ensure that they sabotage our forum...” “They summoned Nainda to ensure that she executes their satanic evil agenda. Nainda started calling the youth on their cellphones intimidating them. One of the fearless youth rejected her and asked her where she got her number from. We understand that Nainda has a close and questionable relationship with Amukwiyu. “As an obedient servant Nainda sent a police van, number POL 8526, last night to the venue. She sent a mob led by one Inspector Joseph. The task of this mob was to intimidate those running the Old Theatre, with whom we booked and cause them to cancel the venue,” the group further alleged. Amukwiyu, however, distanced himself from the issue, staying he was not in any way involved in the disruption allegation, adding that he was not bothered by AR activities and had no interest in their activities. He further demanded that AR group explain to him what they meant that he had a close and questionable relationship with Nainda. “This is personal to me, it is negatively affecting my name, my family and everything that I do. So I want them to explain this ‘close relationship’ they are saying we have, because as far as I am concerned I have not had any contact with Nainda in a very long time…” said Amukwiyu, who challenged them to provide proof of their allegations. Meanwhile, Nainda said she was not in the position to comment and instead referred this reporter to Police Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga. “I don’t know anything about Amukwiyu or about the allegations. It is better you talk to my senior. What they are saying about the instructions I gave to my subordinates and the owner of the venue is not true,” Nainda insisted. Ndeitunga said she was informed that there was an AR meeting, but there were no issues of concern and categorically denied the allegations that the police planned to disrupt the activists’ meeting. “If proper arrangements were made on time there is nothing wrong with them having a meeting, but what I was not aware of is the allegations [by the AR group],” Ndeitunga briefly said.    
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2016-05-09 09:52:38 2 years ago

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