• September 24th, 2018
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Defence and security committee tours Kavango East

Kavango East
Kavango East

  Rundu Members of the parliamentary standing committee on foreign affairs, defence and security are in Kavango East Region for an inspection visit to assess the state of capital projects, police cells, military bases, rehabilitation centres, as well as border posts in the region. The committee, which includes its chairperson, Leevi Katoma, deputy chairperson Agnes Kafula, as well as Clara Gowases and Hamunyera Hambyuka, is responsible for overseeing the affairs of the ministries of home affairs and immigration, defence, safety and security, the department of veteran affairs, Central Intelligence and all parastatals that report to the said ministries. "We’re charged with overseeing the implementation of the capital projects of these ministries. As parliament we’ve approved funds for the implementation of these projects and now that the budget has been passed we’d like to see how far the money that was earmarked for last financial year has been utilised, whether the projects have been carried out successfully, or whether there are some hindrances," Katoma explained. The committee first paid a courtesy call to Kavango East Regional Governor Dr Samuel Mbambo to let him know of their presence in the region. "It’s always pleasing to know that there is someone who at the end of the day will come and follow up on what has happened with the money you budgeted for to be allocated to different regions, for us or for implementers also to know that one day someone will come and follow up the money," Mbambo said when he welcomed the committee in Kavango East. After paying a courtesy call on the governor, the committee went to see the regional police commander for Kavango East Commissioner Johanna Ngondo at her office before proceeding to Mukwe Constituency to inspect the construction of the Omega 1 police station, accommodation block and a fuel service station, which are said to be 95 percent complete. Today the committee will visit Muhebo border post, where they will inspect the construction of a charge office, accommodation facilities, kitchen, dining hall and entertainment facility. They are expected to also meet with immigration officers today. Still today, the committee is expected to meet officials of the Namibia Correctional Services at Divundu and inspect the construction and renovation of official accommodation facilities, the construction of which is currently underway. Tomorrow the committee will - among other activities - be visiting Rundu police station to inspect the construction of a kitchen at the cellblock, which is reported to be at 90 percent complete.        
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