• September 24th, 2018
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N$900 000 worth of goods confiscated at Oshikango

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Oshikango The police in Oshikango have confiscated goods worth over N$900 000 during a cross-border operation which was launched in early April. Among the confiscated goods were cannabis worth N$19 993, cigarettes worth N$862 500 and N$35 000 worth of fuel. Tulongeni Operation was launched on April 10 targeting perpetrators who are passing through ungazetted border points to transport goods between Namibia and Angola. The Ohangwena public relations officer Sergeant Abner Itumba said the police have so far also confiscated 14 bicycles and 11 motorcycles used in the syndicates as well as skin lightening lotions. The police also confiscated clothing and bags packed with sandals from people avoiding to honour customs duties. Itumba said several Namibians, Angolans and Zimbabweans have been arrested, however some suspects are said to have fled leaving their goods behind. "We have arrested quite a number of people – some are still in custody while some have been released on bail, however we have people who upon seeing the police flee left their goods behind," said Itumba. Itumba warned people from passing through ungazetted border points. He further also called upon people with information of such cases to liaise with the police. He said those with information may contact Chief Inspector Erastus Kamati on 0812531546. The police are also appealing to people to refrain from carrying and storing fuel containers. Itumba said five people lost their lives last year after fuel containers exploded and caught fire. Itumba further appealed to the public to report suspicious movements, saying that there is no room for criminals in Ohangwena. He advised the people to work for themselves and acquire their goods legally. In the meantime, the cannabis and skin lightening creams will be destroyed while the clothing will be sent to customs.          
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