• September 23rd, 2018
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Nigerian National Defence College visits Meat Board

Windhoek A delegation from the Nigerian Defence College visited the Meat Board of Namibia this week. The main objective of the visit was to explore the reasons behind Namibia’s successes in agricultural production and meat exports and how the Nigerian government can benefit from Namibia’s experience and expertise in the field. The delegation was led by Brigadier General John Enenche and included participants from the Nigerian army, navy, air force, correctional services and police, as well as two officials from the Republic of Niger and Tsjad. In his opening remarks Brigadier General John Enenche said the members of the delegation consist of directors and are strategic placed in terms of national development. He further remarked that due to the total population size of Nigeria (around 245 million) the demand for beef exceeds local supply and Nigeria is a potential market for Namibian beef. Gizaw Negussie presented a comprehensive overview of the Namibian Meat Board and the Namibian livestock industry, including graphs that depict Namibian beef production, beef market share and the competitive nature of beef exports globally. Questions asked included, amongst others, the nature of the FANMEAT traceability system and how Namibia remains competitive in the global beef trade.
2016-05-13 10:13:35 2 years ago
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