• September 24th, 2018
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Between Stars and Tracks opens in The Project Room

   WINDHOEK The Project Room in 32 Jenner Street is from tonight hosting Between Stars and Tracks, an exciting group exhibition of fine art and objects, inspired by Namibia’s scenery and diversity, featuring some of South Africa’s top artists. “When we look up at the sky, we’re not seeing the universe as it is today, but as it was hundreds and millions of years ago. Each star tattooed onto the sky shining its own history. Here and there satellites bring us back to the now making the sky alive speaking of a journey”, explains Andrea Behnsen, curator of the show. “Lowering your gaze you are confronted with a similar fascination. The tracks left behind in the dust are evidence of an excursion that has taken place. And what is more magical than reading the stars or discovering spoors along life’s path?” Namibia is an empty canvas where your imagination can still wonder freely and one can stumble upon undiscovered territory. “The landscape speaks its own silent poetry”, Andrea quotes from Olga Levinson’s book The Ageless Land and Ms. Levinson, bless her, is so right.” That is why it was Frieda and my idea to bring an exhibition to Windhoek featuring artists from Cape Town sharing their perspective of time and space taking us on an expedition to discover their footprints. With this exhibition, Andrea aims to support The Project Room in facilitating cultural exchange through visual art and to create crossroads between creatives outside of Namibia and like-minded enthusiasts of art and design in Windhoek. This spins-off inspiration and perspectives as well as fosters creativity within our neighbourhoods. Artists include: Naomi Bossert, Michael Chandler, Patricia Fraser, Swain Hoogervorst, Julia Kabat, Xandre Kriel, Cathy Layzell, Lucie de Moyencourt, Rose Mudge, Indigenus, Matty Roodt, David Ross, Renée Rossouw, Atang Tshikare, Anna van der Ploeg, Laurie Wiid van Heerden, Clementina van der Walt and Heath Nash by SAM. Between Stars and Tracks runs until June 10 and is open on Tuesdays-Fridays from 9am to 1pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 1pm at 32 Jenner Street, Windhoek West. For more information contact Frieda at info@frieda.co.za or Andrea at andrea@eumbo.com or search on Facebook for The Project Room, Namibia. The concept of The Project Room is to provide workshop areas accompanied by a gallery space. Both workshop and gallery concentrate on handmade aspects of arts like product design, furniture design, textile, jewellery, ceramics, print and fine art. Artists are invited to showcase their work, experiment in different mediums and techniques or to teach and pass on their experience to others in the form of workshops. It also aims to invite artists and designers from outside Namibia to share their art, objects and passions. Started by Frieda Lühl, a jewellery designer with the drive to create a collaborative platform, The Project Room is one of a kind in Windhoek where creatives can come together on a regular basis exchanging thoughts and themes.
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