• September 21st, 2018
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Vice-Governor of Jiangxi Province visits Oshana

National, Oshana
National, Oshana

Ongwediva The vice-governor of Jiangxi Province in the Republic Of China, Xie Ru, visited the Oshana Region on Saturday. The visit was aimed at future cooperation between Oshana Region and Jiangxi Province. Governor of Oshana Region, Clemens Kashuupulwa, noted the visit was a reciprocal visit, after a delegation consisting of the chief regional officer of Oshana Regional Council and three chief executive officers of Oshana’s major towns – the delegation headed by him – visited Jiangxi Province in September 2015. Kashuupulwa said the two regions signed a letter of intent for mutual cooperation in social, economic and cultural fields between the government of Jiangxi Province and Oshana Region. “We are therefore here to strengthen greater cooperation between the two sister provincial and regional governments to further embark upon mutual development initiatives on infrastructural development , industrialization, urbanisation as well as agro-economic manufacturing activities in the region,” Kashuupulwa said. Kashuupulwa emphasized the need for intervention from developed countries to ensure the development and betterment of Oshana. Kashuupulwa noted that Oshana needs hotels to be constructed and solar systems infrastructure. Oshana is home to a population of 176 674 people, with 55 percent residing in rural areas and 45 percent in urban areas. About 63 percent is employed and 37 percent is unemployed. According to Xie, Jiangxi Province provides 10 percent of China’s water supply, as it hosts 400 rivers. “I have several numbers of entrepreneurs in my province, so I suggest you give me a business profile to see the types of projects you are interested in. As soon as I go back to China, I will look into the matter and entrepreneurs and constructors can look into it,” she stated. Xie invited Kashuupulwa to send a business delegation to Jiangxi Province. The vice-governor of Jiangxi toured around Oshakati, Ongwediva and Ondangwa, respectively.
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