• September 26th, 2018
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Pohamba donates N$658 000 to school


Oheti Former president Hifikepunye Pohamba made a donation of N$658 000 towards the Kaupumhote Nghituwamhata Combined School in Ohangwena Region on Tuesday. At the occasion Pohamba also condemned alcohol abuse and the senseless killing of women, advising Namibians to re-dedicate themselves to developing the country. He further appealed to the country to align itself with the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP), which calls on the nation to work towards meeting the government halfway in its developmental mandate. “Please limit your drinking. A drunk person cannot perform and the Harambee Prosperity Plan is not asking for drunkards, because if you are drunk you will not have the energy to deliver,” said the former president. He further said the Pohamba family has an obligation to contribute to uplifting education in the country, because an uneducated people cannot develop the country. The donation will be used to build three classrooms at the school, which is named after the former president’s mother. Pohamba said it is very painful to see people engaged in drinking and not being productive, especially women who have fallen into the habit of sitting at cuca-shops asking men to buy them alcohol. “I’m not saying do not drink, but this thing of asking to be bought alcohol, especially with the women is embarrassing,” he said. Pohamba also appealed to the country to uphold the peace that Namibia continues to enjoy, alluding that drinking and senseless killings destroy the general peace. Principal Nashiwaya said the donation came at a time when the school faces a lack of classrooms. At present learners at the school - which accommodates learners from pre-primary to grade 10 - have eight makeshift classrooms, in addition to the existing structures. The principal said the eight improvised classrooms are not conducive for teaching and learning at the school, which has 26 teachers. Nashiwaya also appealed to the education directorate to look into the issue of bush allowances. He said the reduction of the allowance from N$1 700 to N$750 made it difficult to attract and keep qualified teachers at the school. The school is said to be just 4 km from the Angolan border. Apart from the recent donation, the former president has also donated two classrooms and a five-bedroom house at Omungholyo, as well as the construction of a hostel at Okanghudi. The new hostel will be able to accommodate 100 learners.
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