• September 25th, 2018
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Guard flees as thieves ransack office

Omuthiya A security guard employed by Waakali Security Company fled her duty station upon noticing the presence of thieves at the Oniipa Constituency office, where they stole two computers. The incident took place on Friday morning last week. It is alleged the unarmed security guard had only a tear gas cannister and a plastic whip (sjambok). Upon realising there were thieves in the building the security guard ran for dear life, in the process leaving her cellphone behind in the duty room. Speaking to New Era this week Oniipa Constituency Councillor Jerry Gwena said the thieves were two men, who had cut the fence, broken a window and taken two computers. “After the security was on safe ground she was rendered help to call the police and for backup, but upon arrival the thieves had already left. They took off on foot, then they got into a car after we had tracked their footprints,” Gwena said. Meanwhile, Oshikoto chief regional officer Frans Enkali said he would study the report to determine whether the incident was because of inadequate security from the security company. “How can you assign someone to guard a building overnight alone without a gun? For that matter it’s a woman. If they are without guns they should assign at least two guards per shift. The move was premeditated, because they (the thieves) studied and analysed the situation before striking,” he said. Once he has studied the report council will decide on the best way forward. “On our part, if the payment rendered for the service is for one person only, we will have to increase the payment at least for two people so that security can be firm,” said Enkali.
2016-05-19 10:57:23 2 years ago
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