• October 22nd, 2018
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Farmers get bank support during tough times

Windhoek Bank Windhoek renewed its partnership with Agra by sponsoring the annual 2016 Weaner Season and Competition. The Bank Windhoek Agra Weaner Competition season remains a highlight on both Agra’s and the farmers’ year planner. It is the peak marketing time for weaner calf producers and an opportunity for buyers to acquire quality stock of choice. Agra’s role in facilitating the marketing process has become invaluable in this regard. Last year, a total of 15 weaner calf auctions were hosted where lots of 15 weaner calves each were entered for the competition. A total number of 14 572 head of cattle were sold at all the weaner calf auctions. In the central region, an average of 924 cattle per auction were sold; in the north the average number of cattle sold per auction was 1 263, the highest ever for this region, while the southern region also broke the record of average number of cattle sold by achieving an average of 727 cattle sold per auction. The Mariental 2015 weaner calf auction achieved a record number of cattle for this auction by selling 1 397 weaner calves. The auction with the highest number of calves sold for the season was Otjiwarongo, that sold 2 453 heads, a record number for weaner auctions for Agra. For wearers Agra places emphasis on fertility, growth ability, capacity to produce meat and farming practices (branding, dehorning, mass uniformity etc.). As per last year, prizes will be allocated to winners of feedlot potential, feld potential and heifers with breeding potential. “The weaner auctions will commence on the 15 of July 2016. The broad farming community, ranging from small-scale resettled farmers to established commercial farmers, from both the communal and the commercial farming areas, will participate in the auctions. In addition, competitive buyers from Namibia and its neighbouring countries are expected to attend,” Agra General Manager for Livestock & Auctions, Titus Koen said at the launch of the season and competition. “With sponsorship money of N$100 000, Bank Windhoek, as the main sponsor, shows its commitment and support to the important Namibian weaner industry. We are proud of our partnership with Agra, as this partnership is proof of how two great Namibian companies can work together to benefit the wider community,” said Riaan van Rooyen, Head of Corporate Communication and Social Investment at Bank Windhoek.
2016-05-20 10:43:43 2 years ago
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