• September 23rd, 2018
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Time Out
Time Out

NAMA’s Winners (Part 2) They need to engage the rest of the industry in trying to find a holistic and “harambee” approach to gigs, royalties and rights. It is the two of them that need to unite the industry. Not divide it. They need to have that backbone to tell a fellow entertainer that they are wrong in this and that and then advise them to rather explore this or that. The challenge is on Big Ben, Chikune…not to go quiet! Why Paradox? It is no secret that our president wants every industry in this country to buy into his Prosperity Plan. In the spirit of Harambee, Paradox will play a pivotal role in pulling entertainers in one direction to give birth to beautiful art. Paradox will throughout the next 12 months need to set up exciting ventures between seemingly dead different brands. Paradox will have to be that auntie that breaks up a fight and would rather encourage the kids to share a toy. There are a lot of people who want to get into radio. Unfortunately, there is no blue print in Namibia that can train one to be a radio presenter. I do it, but with incredibly limited resources. The challenge is on Miss B to have workshops throughout the country to pass on her expertise to the next big thing. Miss B must be at the forefront in defending and advocating the importance radio. Best Live Performance? Well, it goes without saying nuh? Lize Ehlers probably has the toughest responsibility for the next 12 months. Lize has the important role of trying to convince her peers to buy into live performances. Good luck ousi! You will need it! Entertainment Journalist of the Year, Rinelda Mouton has the easiest task of them all. She needs to revive the excitement reader’s use to have for entertainment inserts every Friday or midweek. She needs to be fair in her selection of what is relevant to the reader and perhaps also take bold risks in creating new stars. Big Ben, Chikune, Paradox, Lize Ehlers, Miss B and Rinelda Mouton…the challenge is on! Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! Song of the week: Ama-Daz-Floor: Are you there Flop of the week:  Sha Wiza: Pula Komesho Do you need help with Public Speaking? BOOK NSK, at naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind(twitter)  NSK #GMTM (facebook)          
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