• September 20th, 2018
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Trending the trends is the trend

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek There are so many different kinds of trends out there but fashion trends probably are the largest trends being followed. Fashion trends are defined as a change of clothing style. Some of the most followed fashion trends include crop tops, African prints and colour blocking outfits. Nowadays fashionista’s are everywhere, clothes have become such a necessity that it even becomes challenging to keep up with trends. As for fashion designers, keeping up with trends becomes a challenge with social media contributing to the trend landscape. Nonetheless, trends are still analysed and followed by many, who use them as a way of forming an order in the disordered world of fashion. It is believed that social media can quickly overexpose a trend, and kill its ‘edge’. On the other hand local fashion designer, Mellisa Poulton, says that trends are always going to be there but as a designer working on brand identity is very important. Mellisa adds that trends should be used as guidelines or tool to help you convince your clients how you and your brand understand how the world changes. “Trends are only there for a certain period, so as designers you need to identify your brand, work according to them and differentiate from your competitors. Trends should only be guidelines to what clients want but not for designers to follow exact trends,” says she. Mellisa adds: “As a designer I try to create looks that can always be worn and that can be easily styled with other items.” Some people believe that pursuing trends is a good way of improving people’s life styles, while many others argue that people should dress something more comfortable as fashion trends are difficult to follow these days, and it’s widely believed that they primarily exist just to sell clothes. Ingo Shanyenge, another local fashion designer, says trends works well with designer’s creative designs. “I don't think there is anything wrong with being influenced by a particular trend and using elements of that trend in ones work for that season,” adding that fashionista or not, clothes are a necessity, and one of the biggest challenges facing today's fashion industry is how to create fashion for a growing trade. She further views that trend or not, for a designer to get her/his designs out in the trending world, she/he needs to present the right outfit, person and event to show her/his work to the world.  “I personally keep reinventing my looks to stay afloat. I've dressed a few personalities for free over the years and the exposure is great but one has to pick the right person, event and outfit to make it work. Even free work should translate to sales in the near future,” says Ingo. 7 8 9            
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