• September 24th, 2018
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Requirements for meat exports to SA

Windhoek The Meat Board of Namibia has informed the public once again of the requirements for meat for own consumption when travelling from Namibia to South Africa. Meat from cattle, sheep and game, to the maximum quantity of 25kg per person and biltong to the maximum of 10kg per person may be allowed without permits. This is limited to a maximum of four persons per vehicle. For meat exceeding 25kg per person, a South African veterinary import permit is required, together with a Namibian veterinary export permit. As soon as the quantity of meat taken into South Africa exceeds 250kg, a permit from the Meat Board is also required – this is in the case of beef and mutton, not game. Veterinary permits are required for all meat more than 25kg per person.  In the case of any uncertainty or enquiries, the import office in Windhoek can be contacted at 061 276592. Meat Board approves Omutambu weaner project The Meat Board of Namibia at their recent meeting, approved the continuation of the Omutambu Maowe weaner calf value addition project that entails the procurement of weaners for slaughter production on the Omutambo Maowe Quarantine Farm. The project was terminated as a result of the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease north of the veterinary cordon fence at the beginning of last May. The outbreak was dissolved in the meantime but with the suspension by Meatco of their export abattoirs north of the veterinary cordon fence, producers in this area are left with no market for their cattle, except the informal market.  To assist these producers with a market for their cattle, the project will buy weaners from producers north of the veterinary cordon fence to produce oxen for the abattoirs north of the veterinary cordon fence.
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