• September 23rd, 2018
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Upsurge in stock theft worries Oshikoto police

Tsumeb Police in Oshikoto have sent a stern warning to kapana meat vendors and the community at large to carry permits at all times when transporting meat, in order to show proof of ownership. Those that are found in possession of meat without valid documents will be charged according to the Stock Theft Act of 1990. The warning comes as the result of persistent incidents of illegal slaughtering of animals on private farms that have caused distress among the victims of such theft. It is alleged the suspects are always going to farms unnoticed and slaughter cattle or any consumable animal and then bury the remains to conceal any evidence. According to the police, such incidents are only noticed when vultures are spotted flying over certain places by farmowners, which most often indicates where the skinning of the carcass took place. “Due to the increase in stock theft reports, the Namibian police force is warning the public to refrain from entering privately owned farms without permission from farmowners, because that is trespassing and will be charged accordingly,” cautioned the regional commander of Oshikoto, Commissioner Annamarie Nainda. The perpetrators also risk losing life and limb, because once caught the farmowners have been known to take drastic action, such as shooting at the trespassers.
2016-05-31 10:21:14 2 years ago
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