• September 21st, 2018
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Self-proclaimed Harambe group receives N$1000

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Tsumeb - A group consisting of aabout 20 men and women who of lately have been conducting voluntary cleaning services in the surrounding areas of Tsumeb received a donation of N$1000 from the Mayor of Tsumeb, Veueza Kasiringua to appreciate their efforts and keep them going. The donation follows after the group embarked on cleaning services of the Nomtsoub cemetery, which was submerged in thick grass and bushes. The group calling itself the Harambee movement, provide cleaning services around the town on a voluntary basis to keep it clean. The group has now been in existence for three month. “We are now calling upon the business fraternity and other institutions in Tsumeb to assist this group in any way they can so that they can continue with the good work,” appeal Kasiringua adding that once they are done at the Nomtsoub cemetery they will move to other areas. The group is pleading for support from the community at least to provide them with dust filters. “We are concerned with our health, at least if we can get dust filters we can be safe unlike now. We will continue working because of unemployment, that’s why we came together and unite to form a group with the purpose of doing something productive in the community even if it means doing so at no cost,” stresses the group leader Reinhold Ntinda. Ntinda further avails the group to others in the community who are in need of cleaning services to approach them as they are ready to help. “There are welders, boilermakers and builders among us, so we are versatile and ready to do any work,” states Ntinda. The group has so far cleared more than five hectares of municipal land where a university is slated to be built including other areas sought for residential purposes. New Era recently reported that the municipality here was looking for volunteers to keep the town clean with prospects of full employment in the future when funds are available.
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