• September 23rd, 2018
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Fix-It, coming up slowly but surely

Time Out
Time Out

Keetmanshoop Upcoming artist, Festus Nakatana, is not a household name yet but he is slowly working towards being up there with the best in the game. Commonly known by the stage name of Fix-It, he aims to go get famous and popular after graduation from the University of Namibia (Unam)’s Southern Campus, where he is currently in his third year pursuing a degree in Business Administration. “Fix-It” came about after he was bullied by an older learner at Gabriel Taapopi Senior Secondary School, who forced him to fix his broken lock. Since he has been called “Fix-It” and thus decided to baptise himself as such on stage. Although his dream is to make it big as an artist, he had to slow down his music career due to his studies adding that while it’s difficult to manage time between his studies and his music, he has done it tremendously well because he is disciplined. He plans to work on his first album after graduation aiming to export Namibian music. “It’s important to choose time wisely, when you feel you don’t have much school work that’s when you hit the studio,” he says. Fix-It started falling in love with music while in Grade 4 when he would sit and listen to music with his elder cousins. He then fell for Hikwa music, performing at various school events eventually recording his first song in 2010. This was only the beginning though, as he went on to record several songs with various studios recently shooting two music videos for his two songs Babalas and Kokule. The music-loving public  should expect this videos on Namibian television stations soon. After struggling to get a good team to work with, he found the Virtual Music Production at Keetmanshoop, urging other upcoming artists to choose people they work with wisely. “Upcoming artists should work hard and choose the right people and have wise people in their circle that can push them,” he advises. His mother has been a great supporting pillar in both his studies and his music career understanding what he does and what he wants to achieve.  
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