• September 24th, 2018
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SSC ceases payout to non-members


Windhoek The Social Security Commission (SSC) has announced that it will stop paying claims submitted to its customer care centres by non-registered employees. According to the commission it will discontinue honouring such claims as from the end of this month, which also applies to claims submitted by other beneficiaries of employees who are not registered at the time of their claims. Speaking to journalists recently, SSC acting spokesperson Castro Tjizoo indicated the Commission has been inundated with contributions from employees who are not registered members of the Maternity, Sick Leave and Death Benefit Fund. He explained that this has resulted in the paying out of benefits to non-registered employees who are not illegible to receive benefits as required by law. Quoting the specific Act, the official stated that no claim for any benefit payable should be considered unless the claimant has been a member of the fund concerned for a continuous period of at least six months before the date of the claim. He further indicated that the Act stipulates that all contributions payable in respect of the claimant’s membership of such fund should have been paid in full. “Based on the above premise, the Commission hereby informs all its customers that the claims in respect of non-registered or late registered employees will not be honoured after 01 July 2016,” Tjizoo highlighted. He added that this is “Irrespective whether their contributions were received by the Commission”. “The Commission will however consider making the refund in respect of contributions received from non-registered or late registered employees.” According to him, at the same time, legal action will be instituted against employers for non-compliance with provisions of the Act. Tjizoo also announced that awareness campaigns have already started and are being facilitated by SSC’s branches and satellite offices across the country. “SSC is mindful that this notice may directly impact the employees and employers, therefore the discontinuation will only be implemented as from July 01, 2016 that is approximately one month from now, to ensure those employees and their employers comply with registration provision for this purpose.”              
2016-06-08 10:59:52 2 years ago
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