• September 26th, 2018
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Eenhana VTC to restore carpentry trainees’ hopes

Ongwediva Eenhana Vocational Training Centre (EVTC) will start offering Level 3 again to students, who have been idling at home for up to two years, as previously there were no teaching materials for this particular course. Joinery and cabinet making were introduced to the EVTC at the institution’s inception in 2012. Although students were enrolled for a three-year programme, their dream turned into a nightmare by the end of the second year when they discovered that the third-year level in their trade could not be offered by EVTC. Subsequently, a few were given space at some nearby vocational training centres, such as Ongwediva, Zambezi and Okakarara. Some remained on a prolonged internship, while most of the students claimed to have stayed at home, unsure of what future holds in store. Although she admitted the institution could not offer Level 3 for the carpentry trade, EVTC liaison officer Jakobina Nghilokua dismissed allegations that there are students sitting at home with no placement at other institution, or internships. Nghilokua claimed it is common practice among the vocational training centres to refer students to other vocational training centres for courses that are not offered at a specific centre. “Currently we have an intake of plumbing students from the National Youth Service. It is not only Eenhana which is referring students to other institutions, it’s very common,” said Nghilokua. Nghilokua, however, said that there is light at the end of the tunnel for those students that were unable to find places, as classes for Level 3 at EVTC will commence next month. The institution did not have the necessary teaching aids, including equipment needed, at Level 3. “But we managed to buy most of the needed equipment and classes will now start in July. Our trainees must not be worried,” she said. At least 60 students completed Level 2 courses in joinery and cabinet making at EVTC since 2014. Nghilokua could, however, not provide the exact number of students that were taken in for Level 3 by other institutions, or those on internship.  
2016-06-10 11:06:28 2 years ago
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