• September 25th, 2018
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OvaMbanderu chief supports Harambee Plan


Okahandja OvaMbanderu Chief Kilus Munjuku III Nguvauva has expressed his subjects’ readiness to whole-heartedly support the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) that was recently launched by President Hage Geingob. Addressing the OvaMbanderu people who gathered at Okahandja on Sunday to commemorate the 120th anniversary  of the Battle of Otjunda and the execution of Chief Kahimemua Nguvauva, Chief Munjuku III pledged his people’s full support for the HPP. He also pleaded with other traditional leaders to assist government with the implementation of government programmes and projects. “Traditional authorities as part of sub-national governments have to complement central government in its endeavours to eradicate poverty and for the overall socio-economic development of its people,” he said. He further urged traditional leaders to engage government on matters of mutual concern and advice without fear, “because this is our government and we need to give inputs on matters affecting our people at all times”. “Let us, as traditional leaders of various communities, pull together, work together, identify challenges and face them together and seek remedies together that address those challenges before we perish altogether,” Chief Munjuku III informed the gathering. He feels this will be the only way to ensure that “the inspiring legacies of our forefathers Hijakungairi Nguvauva, Samuel Maharero, Nehale lya Mpingana, Ipumbu Ya Shilongo, Hendrik Witbooi and Hosea Kutako, among others, are not betrayed”. He said the HPP plan requires communities to move away from the courts and accept the rule of law to be above the rule of the jungle, and move on. “We need to play our part in the development of Namibia and her people by contributing towards effective governance as traditional authorities in order to facilitate sustainable development,” he said. He said traditional authorities have to play their part in ensuring people-centered and inclusive development if poverty and other social evils befalling Namibians across the entire country are to be addressed. “We need to play a major part in raising the agricultural productivity of areas under the jurisdiction of traditional authorities and guard our people against daylight robbery of their produce through unfair market practices, if we are to address hunger and poverty in communal areas,” he said. Chief Munjuku III further urged government to regard traditional authorities and their leaders as partners and not as its competitor in governance. “Traditional leaders will continue to play a significant role in the socio-, political and economic emancipation of the citizenry as well as the maintenance of peace, which Namibia continues to enjoy,” he said. “We more often than not concentrate on our own selfish interests and tend to ignore the bigger interests of our people, whom we are expected to serve towards prosperity,” Chief Munjuku III said. “It is more often that our egos guide and influence our behaviour and attitudes at the expense of developmental issues that should raise the well-being and prosperity of our people,” he added. Furthermore, Nguvauva called upon all OvaMbanderu people to be concerned with the disunity that continues to play itself out in public, and to have passion for what is theirs, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. “Let the souls of my great, great grandfather, my father and uncle, who lies buried here in Okahandja, rest in eternal peace, but their spirits live with us and guard us forever,” he concluded.          
2016-06-15 10:45:00 2 years ago
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