• September 25th, 2018
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Album “Omalenga" bound to woo listeners 

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek Being a relatively a young group, Ama-Daz-Floor has nevertheless been finding a niche as one of the most Soukous/Kwasa groups in the industry. One testimony to this is their winnings in this category in Namibia Annual Music Awards. Now with a new album, Omalenga, meaning chiefs, it is destined to further endear themselves with fans, sinking their musical teeth and tentacles deeper in the countries musical flesh. The 18-track- album, released at the end of last month, is their third studio album. Listening to the album for the first time, Omalenga is certain to quickly and aggressively woo any listener with its strong melodies, heavy riffs and captivating vocals. The single, Are you there, released earlier this year was a foretaste of what to expect from the album, and has been proving  a favourite of many especially with its catchy chorus, well-mastered mixture of beats and lyrics and overall appeal to one’s musical taste. Although many groups release singles such as I am to impress the fans, and then unfortunately disappoint them with the overall album, however, this album is dedicated to fans and one can confidently say they will not be disappointed after being teased with such a strong single.  With each song, fans will continue to be enthralled and thrilled. It takes a mature and talented group to grab and keep such intense attention and appreciation for the album. The first song on the album, Kombwa yalyata otina explores survival in informal settlements  on Oshiwambo traditional beer “Otombo”.  Another, Okapa Kamandela, tells the story of a boy who went to hustle for money in Cape Town and came back with lots of money. Kohambo, featuring Omsaane Niihana, is about young boys’ survival on a farm looking after cattle. The song has a nice feel of Kwasa that can put you in a dancing mood. The songs are not likely to become stale with time but likely to stand the test of time, even music fads and fashion and likings. It’s certainly an album to add to your collection. The group has released two videos of Kombwa yalyata otina and Are you there this month. On this album, Ama-Daz-Floor has worked with Dama Monique, Omsaane Niihana, M-Jay, S-Man, Lyamungala and Kamati.      
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