• September 24th, 2018
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Dundee invests N$1.5 million in education

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Business & Finance

Tsumeb School principals and representatives of charity organisations in Tsumeb have expressed gratitude towards Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb for its active contribution to uplifting the educational sector and the lives of local people. They did indicate that the materials donated did not quite meet the needs, but readily acknowledged that the gap has been reduced. Dundee recently donated material worth N$1.5 million to various charity organisations and schools to be used during the winter season. The donations included blankets, mattresses, linen, beds, tables, chairs, and cupboards. “It is a big relief and came at the right time, especially the blankets, since it is winter and you find some learners who are in the hostel are without any. This has always affected their learning. So this [donation] makes a big difference and when you look at our studyroom there has been a lack of desks, so now we have what we didn’t,” said Mbeha Sinvula, a teacher at Tsumeb Secondary School. Principal of Etosha Secondary School Andris Kaishunhu said their hostel was not furnished with quality mattresses, thus causing learners to be fatigued in class. “It is a blessing to get such a generous offer and this will surely have a social impact on the learning process.” “We sometimes get children that fall sick at school and now we can let them rest somewhere, because we have a bed and mattress,” said another principal, Max Johnson of St Francis Primary School, a church school. He added that these materials could further be distributed to impoverished people in the area.
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