• September 23rd, 2018
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Dogs feast on decayed foetus at Sauyemwa

Rundu Sauyemwa residents got the shock of their lives last Sunday afternoon when they saw how a pack of mongrel dogs feasted on a decomposed foetus that the dogs had dug from a shallow grave where an unknown woman buried it shortly after she had aborted the four-month-old near the informal settlement. The woman who aborted the baby has not yet been identified. After the dogs were chased away the remains of the half-eaten foetus were found near Sauyemwa Combined School – all its limbs were eaten by the dogs at the Rundu informal settlement. Detectives said its mother had buried it in a shallow grave in nearby bushes. “It was dug out by dogs and they fed on it. The dogs dismembered the limbs from the body,” said the Kavango East Acting Crime Investigations Coordinator, Chief Detective Inspector Chrispin Mubebo. “The body was badly decomposed and thus makes it difficult to identify. The corpse was taken to Rundu mortuary. Next of kin were not found and no identification was done. Investigations will carry on,” he said. No case of a missing baby was opened.
2016-06-23 10:31:29 2 years ago
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