• October 23rd, 2018
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MTC warns of lottery ticket scam

Windhoek The country’s largest cellular operator, MTC, has warned customers about a scam that targets telecommunication service users, specifically in Windhoek. The scam informs consumers of telecommunication products that they have been selected to receive a free lottery ticket which grants them a chance to win part of US$11 million dollars in prize money. According to the scam, the promotion is conducted as a token of appreciation to consumers of telecommunication services in Windhoek and in order to stand a chance to be considered for the draw of the lucky 10 subscribers for the US$11 million prize money, one should answer three questions before receiving a free lottery ticket. “Although MTC’s name is not plainly referred to in its full format, as a responsible entity, we deemed it appropriate to pro-actively caution our esteemed customers that the use of the name ‘Mobile Telecommunications’, which is similar to our legal and full commercial trading name ‘Mobile Telecommunications Limited’ as abbreviated MTC, could be used to mislead/dupe unsuspecting clients to believe that this is a ‘MTC’ promotion. We hereby wish to alert our customers and bring to your attention that MTC is nor promoting nor running any promotion of such kind or format,” read an MTC statement released this week. “We thus hereby distance ourselves from this campaign and wish to caution our customers to remain vigilant about these types of scams and when in doubt, please contact our customer contact centre at 081 130, or 081 120 toll free from your handset to ascertain validity. If you have received any sort of communication with the message … please you are urged to ignore it outright,” the statement continued.
2016-06-23 11:23:22 2 years ago
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