• September 25th, 2018
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Police upgrade VIPP Directorate in Oshana


Oshakati Police Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga on Tuesday unveiled the Very Important Persons Protection Directorate (VIPPD) that was inaugurated at a cost of N$4.8 million. Ndeitunga said the inauguration of the infrastructure is a step in the right direction of addressing challenges of office accommodation within the police. “It is a sign of our government’s affirmation and commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the Namibian Police Force, such as the lack of office accommodation – budgetary constraints notwithstanding,” said Ndeitunga. The directorate which has been battling with office accommodation got an extension of a boundary wall, a guardhouse, a reception area, six offices, a boardroom, a kitchenette, an armoury, a general store and ablution facilities. According to Ndeitunga, the just inaugurated facility is aimed at addressing the well-being of force members and to enable the members of the VIPPD to provide an effective and efficient service, as outlined in their mandate. Ndeitunga appealed for the facility to be kept in good condition to serve the next generation. Ndeitunga further appealed to citizens to play a role in the maintenance of peace and stability, by participating in special policing programmes aimed at the provision of safety and security in their respective communities, citing that government has provided the necessary infrastructure and human resources. He added that the police force continues to capacitate its operational capabilities by expanding its activities in providing adequate support to all its units and stations countrywide.
2016-06-23 10:44:06 2 years ago
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