• September 23rd, 2018
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Internet releases

  It's funny how musicians think they can release a song today on the net and want to become EES and Gazza tomorrow. Make no mistake, in Namibia…there is not such thing as an “Internet sensation”. I am basing this argument on the fact that only a handful of entertainers in Namibia reach overnight success using the internet. The acts that comes to mind now is StarDust and Ann Singer. But even StarDust & Ann Singer needed serious backing from magician Antonio. I am compelled to bring this argument forward as I eavesdropped on a conversation an entertainment reporter had with an entertainer. From what I could make out, the entertainer wanted the entertainment reporter to report on their brand. The reporter asked… ”what makes you relevant to our market?” The response, “Well, we got 500 data file host downloads in one week.” At that moment, I decided to cease my immorality and conjure the next Industry Loop. Data file host downloads don’t mean jack fam! Nothing! It means nothing in Namibia! Any stakeholder in this industry would’ve wanted it to be different but unfortunately it means nothing in Namibia. You got 500 downloads on your datafile host…so what? Like and? Did you get a gig? And if you got a gig…are you getting paid? No! Let me help you contextualise this for you. Firstly, the average Namibian’s internet usage cycle is the following: Facebook Whatsapp Gmail Twitter Instagram Opuwo! Finish and klaar! Guess what? Corporates know this! Corporates know that there is no freaking way the average Namibian goes on the internet and go: “OMG, I need to download a song from a data file host link, like OMG”. It does not happen. So explain that 500 downloads? Corporates know those 500 downloads are just your circle, family, friends and girlfriend. How do they know this? They have huge R&D departments doing what I have been begging you to do which is RESEARCH! So now imagine going to a FNB with your ka little proposal for sponsorship that includes 500 downloads kama from one week? Homie? Ousi Muranda and the rest of her team will have a lekker laugh at your proposal and continue asking genuine clients: “How may I help you?” I have said it many times on this platform that you will not reach EES and Gazza status from a dropping a song on the internet. I am not saying don’t do it but don’t base your entire efforts on that. You spend hours screaming at that ka poor mic in the studio recording that song. Aramige producer applies his magic soccer water to the song and you just going to release it unto the net with no proper marketing? Like any other song, your song will just be another common song on the net that no Namibian gives a hack about. I will say it again, when you release ANYTHING…you need to follow NSK’s 4 step plan.
  1. Create artwork
  2. Send a press statement to different press outlets
  3. Release with an event
  4. Invest in a radio interview tour
You know what the funny thing is? My 4 step plan does not even guarantee you success with the public. It seldom announces your new release. Will the Namibian market buy into your product? Well abuti…that’s where you will need Harambee Prosperity Plan times 10! Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! Song of the week: Ona: Dumelang (2nd week running) Flop of the week: Pain Killers ft. Love G: Sindrela (2nd week running) Is it an MC you need? BOOK NSK, at naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind(twitter)  NSK #GMTM (facebook)    
2016-06-24 13:14:00 2 years ago
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